Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thai 101

Today we had our first Thai class.  My limited knowledge of Spanish and German does absolutely no good in this case.  Words that are pronounced with a "ng...." are a real struggle and one word pronounced with each of the 5 tones means 5 different things.   The good news is that I now have question words and can have the basic, hello, how are you, my name is conversation.  Tuesday we'll go to the daycare for our first day to observe and then we jump in.  I will be with kids somewhere between 2-4 years old, so we should have a good time, maybe do some letters, numbers, colors and songs.  When it doubt, we'll play until they get tired.  Good thing we all get nap time.  

Trang weather report:  sunny, hot and breezy
Fun food phrase:  Kin pet dai mai?  (can you eat spicy food).   The answer is "chai."

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