Sunday, February 22, 2009

House Maa (aka The Dogs Speak Thai Here)

There are a lot of dogs in Thailand. Some are pets and some are strays. Even the strays are pretty much welcome anywhere and run in and out of yards and storefronts. At the school we have a few dogs that hang around, primarily because they get all the table scraps from the students and teachers lunches. Whenever I have my camera out, the kids want me to take pictures and show them, so this is a close up of our house dog, or 'maa' in Thai.
I always talk to dogs in English when I doesn't occur to me that they don't know English phrases like sit or come here. The teachers at school laughed when I mentioned us giving the leftovers of our spicy (pet in Thai) food to the dogs: 'These dogs are Thai, they like spicy food."

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