Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Amazing Race Moment

At Wat Pho there is a building that houses the 43m reclining Buddha (the largest reclining Buddha in the world). Why is he reclining? This is when he died and achieved Nirvana. As I was looking at Buddha, I heard noises on the other side that sounded like pebbles or coins going into a bowl. When I got past Buddha's enormous mother of pearl feet, I saw it. You contribute 20B and get a bowl of tiny coins and there is a row of bowls along the other side and you put money in each bowl, probably while thinking peaceful, meditative thoughts, and making merit.
Instead I was thinking that in some previous season of the Amazing Race, it was a fast forward, where they either had to count the number of bowls or coins.


  1. Hi Yourself! Greetings from sunny Thailand,

  2. Jen- What an adventure. Sure hope you have been reunited with luggage. How did you get your photos uploaded so quickly? Guess I need a lesson from the pro!
    Will they allow you to take any photos of the children? I know in China we asked permission, but we found families very receptive. I especially love my photos of children and the elderly.

  3. Definately ask- in Korea it was seen as a bit strange and in Africa it was not cool at all unless you had a close relationship.

  4. Pictures wil be forthcoming of all the cute kids (today, Tuesday, the school uniform is pink), but I'll wait until week 2 or 3 when there is a relationship.



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