Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pink Day

At school, there are a couple different uniforms for different days of the week. On Tuesdays, the uniform is pink. Not just a pale pink, but bright pink with gold weaving in the fabric. Pink for girls and pink for boys. Here are some of my students "pretty in pink."

In other Trang news: The weather continues to get more hot and humid. Late afternoon we we went to the park in town that has a beautiful jogging trail around a lake and got fit with the Thais. Tonight, a special shoutout to Mamma T and the fabulous mango sticky rice!


  1. Too bad you did not bring that pink dress of yours, right? :-)

    Pencil in for when you come back: we all are going to a dim sum restaurant on March 14 to celebrate your return and my birthday. "If not now, when?"

  2. Indeed my pink dress would have gone fabulously, but very impractical for sitting on the floor with the kids.

    Dim Sum = Yum!



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