Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun with International Restrooms

Something I noticed in the Tokyo airport, which was again available in the spa here at the hotel are upgraded toilets that include bidet features and heated seats. However, the greatest feature I saw at the airport was a button with musical notes on it: doesn't play Beethoven, but does provide background "Water Music" if you want want others to hear you go.


  1. Aren't Japanese toilets a hoot?? I never did get used to sitting on a squishy, warm seat when we were visiting. But the buttons are entertaining!

  2. Very entertaining indeed :)

  3. You know all about the fun I had with South Korean toilets! I think that they are fantastic and I should get one here. I do have that the water music is a new feature for me. Do they have a remote control?

  4. There's an Opera Toilet in Vienna that you can listen to find Strauss music while you do your business.



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