Sunday, November 11, 2018

Six Months in Ten Photos

It's been 10 months since I last posted here.   I've had this blog since the end of 2008 when I was preparing for my 2009 trip to Thailand and wanted a way for my parents to know I was safe and having a good time. 

I feel like a bit of a slacker.  And then I realize that life is being lived.  Work, travel, fun, food, friends, and a job move have all happened since I recapped 2017 at the beginning of the year.  At this point I'm most active on Instagram

I may never get caught up on all the adventures in 2018, but here's a start:  10 photos that sum up the first six months of the year. 

January - I was in the room where it happens
I got lucky and was able to get tickets for the show in San Diego. 

January/February -  I embarked on an epic Southeast Asian adventure for a month
Including an amazing birthday in Hoi An with lantern making, cooking class, a foot massage and two cakes.  

I only have a bazillion more photos

February - Playing in the Snow
Second annual trip to Big Bear for a day of skiing.

March - Playing with Pups
Between dogs in the office and hiking with adoptables from the Barking Lot, furry friends always make me smile.  

April - Finally saw what Portland was all about
And enjoyed the gorgeous scenery of the Columbia River Gorge.

May - After 2 years in San Diego, finally got my act together to foster a dog.   
And then accepted a promotion to San Francisco right after, so the adorable Luna was my first and last San Diego foster pup.  

June - Enjoyed all the fun that Nashville has to offer
Boozy milkshakes, hot chicken, the Grand Old Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

Made the Move
Said goodbye, stopped for pie, and started my next chapter in San Francisco

Farewell Harbor Cruise

Slow for Pie at the Pie Ranch

New Views

I hope that whatever twists and turns 2018 has thrown your way so far, that you've had some good times with friends and family and the opportunity to do whatever it is that you love.   

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 Travels and Adventures: A Year in Review - Part 2

WHEW!   We've made three days into the new year.    I hope your goals and resolutions are still on track.   I've made it to the gym twice, so I'm on track for my regular goal of fifteen days of fitness a month.    Most of the rest of the month will be spent walking around Southeast Asia, so whatever gym time I'm seeking, and it's not much, needs to get knocked out in the next week.

Before we get into double digits of 2018, here are some highlights of the second half of 2017.  

July 2017

Summer was in full force.   It was time cupcakes, fireworks and America.   And also the Sun & Sea Festival in Imperial Beach.  One last minute spontaneous two day visit to San Francisco amidst the craziness that is Comic-Con week at work.   

Sand Castle Fun! 

This is the scene of an incident in my younger years 
that involved a shot of Patron. 

Hi SF - good to see you!

August 2017

In 2017, our family celebrated our first ever Bratsgiving.   It needs to be an annual thing.   Getting together in northern Wisconsin in the summer and spending time together.    

The Brats in Question

September 2017

My sister and I have actually created a tradition.   2017 made five years in a row going to the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Experience over Labor Day.   In San Diego news, it was time for the 7 Bridges Hike and hanging out on the pier in Oceanside.  

Larimer Square - Denver

Twin Lakes - Colorado

Bridges of San Diego 

Why Hello There...


October 2017

Disclosure:  I had never been to Phoenix/Scottsdale before other than passing through the airport.  I had a great weekend visit with friends and can't wait to go back!   October is also Bike MS Bay to Bay time where we hop on our bikes and ride 100 miles to help find a cure for MS.  

Desert Botanical Garden
(cactus everywhere!!!)

Go team go!

November 2017

The month started off with an amazing sunset, followed shortly afterwards with a trip to Texas.   This was my second time trying to mess with Texas this year and I consider it a success.    My family came to visit for Thanksgiving both in California and a holiday extension into Cabo.   

November 1 is looking good

Howdy to you too!

Just a longhorn going on a walk
Nothing to see here

Fiesta de Reyes

Thanksgiving Eve - Encinitas

Traditional Thanksgiving poolside poke bowl

Cabo views

December 2017

So much eating and socializing.    The best month of the year for that.    Holiday shenanigans included the OB Holiday parade, the San Diego Santa Run, Global Winter Wonderland, and the Holiday Bowl Parade.   I got my white Christmas Denver style.  

Shave ice!  The best I've found on the mainland so far.

Global Winter Wonderland

Sunny Santas on the run

White Christmas views

Hudson Gardens Christmas

Parade Balloons

Bye 2017!   Loved you a lot.  

Can't wait to see what 2018 has in store.   Travels and Adventures will continue.   I don't even need to make that a resolution.  

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Travels and Adventures: A Year in Review - Part 1

Happy 2018!

I need to get my act together in celebrating the fun adventures of 2017 before I hop on a plane in another 10 days to start off on my first journey of 2018.    Between the things planned and the unscheduled fun to come, I can only hope that 2018 is as memorable as 2017.

Cheers to travel, whether near or far!

January 2017

The year started off strong in January.   I hiked into 2017 with a visit to Joshua Tree National Park,  followed by a long weekend trip to Maui to visit my friends (first visit back since I moved in May 2016) and then wrapped it up with my first trip to Disneyland.    Being a midwestern girl, we went to Disney World because it was closer, so it was fun to see the OG.  

Joshua Tree National Park 



February 2017

I stayed in California for the whole month.  (WHAT?)
First ski trip since Spring 2013, this time at Big Bear and a weekend trip to see my mom and one of her friends in Rancho Cucamonga.  

Big Bear Views

This restaurant - so much character 

March 2017 

Spring in San Diego included the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden.    Then, I needed more flowers, so it was time to go to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.    The month wrapped up with a weekend trip to Dallas where we played tourist and ate all the things.  

So very cherry 

Flower Fields 

Give me some of that Texas BBQ! 

April 2017

Naturally when it comes to holidays, we don our festive hats, or ears in this case, to celebrate.  
I also traveled to Chicago for work and it was an added bonus to catch up with friends and family for a few days before actually going to my meetings.  

Somebunny in San Diego says Hi! 

Big city reflections in Chicago 

May 2017

I finally made it to the Galapagos Islands, a destination that has been on my life list for quite a while.  I  can't pick just one photo....

In other fun, I checked out the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla and my sister came to visit - the picture with TREX sums up what happens when we get together. 

 First off, I got to travel with my mom over Mother's Day

Giant Galapagos Tortoise 

Adorable Sleeping Sea Lions

Sea Dragons

If this isn't the best day ever, what is? 

June 2017

Hey there summer!  The June Gloom faded away and it was time for:
  • Road trip to Long Beach
  • My one Padres game for the year
  • The San Diego Fair (and bonus 5k) 
  • An urban hike up to Mount Soledad

Fun in the sun in Long Beach

Not sure who won

Fair Time:  Where the West was Fun

 Mount Soledad 

Up Next:   Part 2 

Including the First Bratsgiving and a foam party in Cabo.   The second half of 2017 didn't disappoint. 

What were some of your great memories from 2017?  


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