Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dallas Weekend of Fun

I went through the Big D and I do mean Dallas!

Previously, my exposure to Dallas had been the DFW airport.   I've been there many times, but never escaped the confines to see what the Dallas Fort Worth area has going on.    One of my friends from Maui, who went on the Big Island road trip with me, transferred there for work.   A perfect call for a weekend adventure in my book.

Being honest with ourselves, there was a lot of eating and drinking going on, along with the touristing.

Here are some of the things you could eat, drink and do during a Dallas Weekend of Fun.  

The Eating and Drinking

Brunch on the patio at Meso Maya

Food truck treats at Klyde Warren Park
(ice cream sandwich from Cool Haus)

Big ass margaritas at Booger Red's Saloon in Old Town, Fort Worth
(we chose not to have the Buffalo Butt Beer)

Deliciously perfect BBQ at Pecan Lodge

Classy custom cocktails at Armoury D.E. 

Fine pies for fine folk at The Emporium

The Touristing

Learning more about our American history at the Sixth Floor Museum 

Getting our wild west on at the Fort Worth Stockyards 
We missed the parade of longhorns, but did ride on a tiny train, so there's that.   

Going on a ghost tour of Fort Worth!

Everything's more haunted in black and white
The most amazing spring day at the Dallas Arboretum

Do you have recommendations of things to enjoy in Dallas?    Where have you gone recently on a weekend adventure?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

7 Photos of Adorable Sleeping Sea Lions

Adorable Sea Lion Alert!

Sea Lions:  one of the many things I loved about exploring the Galapagos islands in May.

So sit back, relax and take a minute and enjoy these photos.

This one had its own park bench in Puerto Ayora

Best quote from a friend who knows I love to bake
"That's a strange looking sugar cookie"

What adorable sleeping animals do YOU love?   Which sea lion is your favorite?

Other Adventures in Ecuador

Friday, June 2, 2017

Eating in Ecuador

Food is high on my list of vacation experiences.

Whether it's a weekend road trip or a major adventure, I look forward to what I'm going to eat and drink.   Most recently I went to Ecuador, aka major adventure.    Our trip started and ended in Quito and we took a Galapagos Island cruise in the middle.    Galapagos has been on my 'work for it' list (wishing doesn't get you anywhere) and I loved the experience.

I have a quote up in my office that says "First we eat, then we do everything else."   
I'll be sharing more of my Ecuador trip including all the cute sea lions you can handle, but first, let's eat!  

In Ecuador, the bizcochos we had were biscuit-like.   
Our guide had us spread caramel on top and then top it with a piece of cheese for a winning sweet and savory treat.  

I love traveling the world and eating potato chips.  Technically chifles are not potato chips, they are plantain chips, but they are equally salty and delicious.    The picante Doritos packaging makes these chips look fierce and spicy.  In reality, not so much.    

My friend and I were trying to keep track and we were pretty confident that we had plantains, empanadas, coffee and chocolate each day.   The way it should be.    

Ecuadorian fried pork.  
Also pictured, the requisite plantains, and another favorite potato option, the llapingacho.

Blackberry and Soursop Juice
I loved that blackberry options were available (juices, ice cream, and more).   This layered juice was a real treat at El Crater.  In Spanish, the soursop is called guanĂ¡bana.  I have to imagine I can find it here in San Diego as close as I am to the border.      

Potato Soup
So good every time. 

Sea Bass
Bonus when it had passion fruit sauce.

Vacation Coffee
It feels so good.

Ecuadorian Chocolate
Ecuador produces amazing chocolate.  
I loved these turndown chocolates from Hoja Verde on our cruise .

Potato Pancakes

Chocolate Caliente
The real deal.   Hot milk and dark Ecuadorian chocolate.

I went to Peru in 2010 and that started a love affair with ceviche that continues to this day.    

Have you traveled anywhere recently where you've loved the food? 

Where should I go?   What should I eat?  


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