Sunday, April 30, 2017

Explore San Diego: Art Walk

Happy Spring!

I'm creeping up on my one year anniversary of moving to San Diego.   It's insane to think that a year has gone by that fast.  In typical Jenni style, I explore where I live.    I often take tourist in your own town to the extent that friends who are born and raised in a location will say that I've gone places they've never been.

My goal for this summer is to take time to share some of the SanD experiences that I've enjoyed in my first year.    The Art Walk San Diego in Little Italy was my first activity on my first day in San Diego last May.    When it came around this year, I decided it was a milestone of sorts, even though  I haven't hit the official anniversary of my move from Hawaii to California.

The art walk is both on Saturday and Sunday.   The bonus of going on Saturday is that you can enjoy the Little Italy Mercato (farmers market) too.  You can feel truly San Diegan by carrying some fresh flowers or produce while strolling through Little Italy.  Obviously the Art Walk is a one weekend event, so if you aren't here right now, you've missed it. Rest assured that there are plenty of festivals and events every weekend.

The weather this April has been amazing.    I've got my fingers crossed that the May Gray that I learned about last year doesn't come and visit this year.    Give me the blue skies any time.

So here I present my one photo from the Art Walk.
Soak it in.     

This artist had a sign at their booth encouraging photos to share
his work so it's the only photo I took of the actual art....
 As you may know, San Diego is defined by its neighborhoods.
And most of the neighborhoods have their own sign.

I saw the sign

The city also has a lot of public art:  mosaics, sculptures, murals, and more.

Little Italy and SanD Events

Enjoyable Eats in the Area 

What do you love about San Diego?


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