Traveler Abroad

Relaxing at my summer estate - Cahernane House, Ireland

Eastern Europe - 2016

Budapest by Night
Eating in Hungary (Traveler in the Kitchen)

Thailand and Myanmar - 2015

Wat Po by Day and Night 
Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk
Wheel Cooking School, Bagan, Myanmar 

Ireland and Scotland - 2014

How to Catch Your Haggis
Rollin' with Hairy Coo Tours

Greece and Turkey - 2012

You in Greece
Rooftop Views of Athens
Greece Starts with a Healthy Breakfast
The Acropolis:  A City on the Edge
Epidaraus: Ye Olde Med Spa
Ancient Delphi
Good Friday in Athens
A Night at the Fish Spa - Crete
Loving Istanbul in under 48 Hours

Israel - 2011

Wellshire Pilgrimage to Israel
June 23-24: Denver to Galilee
June 25: In and Around Galilee
June 26: Cana, Nazareth, and the River Jordan
June 27: Galilee to Jericho
June 28:  Jericho, Dead Sea and Bethlehem
June 29: Following the Palm Sunday Path
June 29: Ancient Stairs and the Upper Room
June 30: The Wall & The Rock
July 1: Holy Sepulchre and the Return to Palestine

Tanzania - 2011

Where is Tanzania?
Amka Afrika School
Gibb's Farm
If It's Tanzania, It Must Be Los Lobos?
Kirurumu Tented Lodge
Lake Manyara
Saying Goodbye to Africa

Aruba and Curacao -  2010

Seashells in Aruba
Aruba Sunsets
Colorful Willemstad

Guatemala - 2010

Wellshire Presbyterian Church Youth Mission Trip
Habitat for Humanity and Healing Waters International

Countdown to Guatemala
First Day in Guatemala
The Road to Salama
Equipo A
The World's Game
Ana's House
The Power of Los Pollitos
Carrera en Comalapa
Ana's House - Finished!

Peru - 2010

The Warm Welcome
What Makes the News
Life is Good
Que Rico!

Germany - 2009

Eating Your Way Through the Weinachtsmarkt

Mexico -  2009
Transformation Trip with Healing Waters International

Carpe Diem
Benvenida a Mexico
That's How We Flow, Yo
Palabra a su Madre
Hot Nuts for Breakfast
Lost and Found in a Mexican Town
Choosing Your Starfish

Thailand - 2009
Volunteer Vacation with Cross Cultural Solutions

The Thailand Series (links to all Thailand posts are in this post)
Countdown to Thailand
Practical Procrastination
It Looks Like Iowa
Fun with International Restrooms
Chao Phraya
Wat Arun
My Amazing Race Moment
The Elusive Kanoon
Thai 101
On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful
Thai Mythology
Aroi Mai?
Makabucha Day
The First Day of School
Saibaidee Tao (Happy Feet)
Too Many Shoes
Ko Lanta
Crazy Transportation
Home Sweet Home Base
Wat Kok Yang Daycare
Pink Day
House Maa
Funny Signs
Ko Phi Phi
Beach Games
Thai Pancake
If it's Bob Marley...
Last Day of School
Sawadee Ka from Thailand
Which Wat?

Southern Africa - 2006

Preparing to Leave
Day 1 in Southern Africa
Victoria Falls
Onward to Botswana
Chobe National Park
Chobe to Jo'burg
Jo'burg to Pafuri
Pafuri Camp
Pafuri to Pilgrims Rest
Pilgrim's Rest to Cape Town
Cape Town
Wine Country
Cape Peninsula
Preparing to Go Home


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