Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wheel Cooking School, Bagan, Myanmar

I love food.
I love cooking.
This is not a secret.

I was so happy to see an afternoon cooking class on our itinerary when we were in Myanmar in December.    Food is how I connect to a destination.   

Getting all up in the local food?
Let's do this.

If you've been to a cooking school or class before, you may have gotten a printed copy of the recipes. At the Wheel, if you want to have the recipes, you need to take notes.    I was the official note taker for our party.       Just know that there is a lot of garlic and/or ginger in everything, and you'll be set!

We were making a whole wheel of dishes, so the school provides kitchen helpers - lovely ladies who kept us on the right track, minded the pressure cooker,  and laughed along when I grabbed the pestle and started making up songs, such as "Do You Want to Make Some Curry?" to the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

We had a great time and if you're in Bagan, I'd definitely recommend it!

So many fresh ingredients!
Shallots for everyone
My sister crushing things like it's her job

Our fabulous kitchen helpers

Too many cooks in the kitchen?  No way!

Our lunch, Wheel style

Do you take cooking classes at home or when you travel?   
If so, what was your favorite experience?

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