I'm Jenni and thanks so much for visiting Traveler for Good!

All answers in six words or less....

I live in:  Sunny San Diego, California
I am:  Having a great time.  You?
I work:  In the Fun & Games Department
I read: Constantly.  
I try:  To love my neighbors
I cook:  For fun, gifts and sustenance
I travel to:  explore, relax, be, experiment, visit, understand

If you have suggestions restaurants that I should try, places I should go, food I should cook or other fun things, send me a message:  travelerforgood (at) gmail (dot) com

I moved from Denver, CO to the island of Maui in 2013 and then back to the mainland to San Diego in 2016.  

When I was in high school, my mom suggested that I become a pharmacist, because I could live anywhere I wanted.  The travel bug had already hit.   In fact it's genetic and goes back two generations.    I'm pretty sure that the science classes required to be a pharmacist would have squashed that plan, so I have no regrets that I opted for hospitality management.   I've lived in beautiful places like Yellowstone National Park,  Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Hawaii and now Califonia, so it all worked out.   The hospitality industry is crazy and unique.  It also provides travel perks that make travel more affordable.   Discounted hotel rooms, I'm talking about you.

I write this blog for fun and entertainment.  

I love to travel, cook, eat and enjoy the ride we call life.   I pay for my own vacations, meals, and groceries and share my opinions as I see fit.  If I get to the point where someone else wants to sponsor my travel habit I'll let you know, but in the meantime I work hard, save money, and plan ahead, just like everyone else.  

All photos unless linked back to the source are mine.        


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