Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rollin' with Hairy Coo Tours - Scotland

Oh look, a coo!

What's it like rollin' with Hairy Coo tours in Scotland?

Take a look and see!

But first - know that their Scottish Highlands tour is free.  Yes.   Free.   
As in zero pounds.  
And it's good fun all day long.   

First, a bus of fun.   Complete with your "drover" guide

Wee Hamish - perfect for photo ops at bridges
And mailboxes

A stop at the Wallace Monument where you can climb the hill, climb the tower,
or just get some coffee and a pastry.

And we learned the true story  about who the real
"Brave Heart" of Scotland is!

Hairy Coo Hats! Critical for successful photos.

Learning proper flag protocol - when CAN you fly the
royal flag over your home?

Random owl at our lunch stop in Aberfoyle

Coo feeding!
Precious baby coo
Loch Katrine

Doune Castle - of Monty Python  Fame

A great day all around!     If you're in Edinburgh and have a free day for fun and adventure in the Highlands, this is the way to go.

What's your  favorite thing about Scotland?

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