Sunday, July 20, 2014

What's up on top of Waipoli Road?

Last weekend, I took myself on a little solo road trip to the other side.   Yes, all the way to the other side of Maui.    I stopped in Paia to browse the shops and then in Makawao for a stick donut at Komoda Store.   And then it was time to see what was at the top of Waipoli road.  

What's at the bottom of Waipoli Road?   The beautiful Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm.  

Restful, lovely, lavender farm

Shiny happy plants

No idea what this is called but isn't it great?

What's up on top of Waipoli Road?

Scenery that the majority of residents and visitors to Maui never see unless you're a hunter or a hiker. 

So please, enjoy...

Lake Tahoe sized pine cones!

Misty cool weather - 66 degrees at the time

Smokey the Bear

Big Trees
Alpine Forest

Have you taken a spontaneous road trip recently?   What did you see?

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