Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Farang is the Thai word for "white skinned foreigner." You will often hear a conversation that you can't understand that goes something like this "thaithaithaithai farang thaithaithaithai." And you know that they're talking about you. Today at the Tesco (Thailand's Walmart, complete with a KFC and Dunkin Donuts), some kids came up to us to practice saying "hello." Not too many farang in the store. I also had the opportunity to get some new flavors of chips, including Hot Chili Squid and Thai Chili Paste, so will enjoy those in the coming days.

When we went to Ko Lanta, our first thought when we pulled into Ben Sala Dan was "look at all the farang." The hotel where we stayed was full of Scandanavians, who apparantly like to spend a few months on holiday in there when there is no sunlight in their home country.

Sunday I took a bike ride in the late afternoon. I didn't know if it was the bike in the land of mopeds or my light skin, but I got more honks, hellos and little kids waving than I expected.

Tonight we rode our bikes to Cafe Africano for ice cream and waffles (not waffle cone, but actual belgian waffle with ice cream on it). They have a wall of pictures, so we took a few with the staff. There was also a wall of Valentine's post-it notes where you can put your messages, thoughts of love, and other comments. We tried to ponder our favorite quotes...including Sabrina's "If not now, when?" Something that all of us here are embracing.


  1. Could have gotten all the honking because you're a freaking hottie!

  2. You know, you're right! That must be it. Last night we went out riding again.....

  3. In SK it was "waegook". I totally understand what you are saying about hearing a conversation where you know you are a topic of the converstion. Also, it amazing me that in other cultures it is encouraged for children to practice their English with strangers. I agree with Carissa about the honking, this is why your hot!

  4. We took another ride tonight. Good times!



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