Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Some of the things that I've noticed so far during my stay in southern Thailand....

*Men taking their bull for a walk along the side of the road in the morning
*More mopeds and motorcycles than cars...on average 2-4 people per moped
*Spirit Houses - these go outside your home or business, some are simple, some are ornate. I want to bring one home but they're too big and heavy. You usually leave offerings including rice, water, and sometimes red Fanta. They are on a stand and often have a small ladder.
*Merit Baskets (gifts for the monks) for sale at Tesco and neighborhood shops
*Seafood flavored snacks - Norai Seaweed, Chili Squid, Garlic Softshell Crab
*Flower Garlands - made by hand with jasmine and roses, hung on rear view mirrors and on spirit houses or statues of the Lord Buddha
*Thailand uses the Buddhist calendar. It is the year 2552. This plays havoc with some if the computer clocks.
*$6 Chanel sunglasses, designer knockoffs and pirated DVDs and movies are readily available and very cheap
*Ladyboys - apparently everywhere in Patong, near Phuket, did see a few on Phi Phi
*Thai ice cream - has coconut and corn...can't remember the name of the flavor, but it starts with an R
*Birdcages - many home and businesses have birdcages hanging outside. These are not just pets, but participate in singing competitions.
*Thai has 44 consonants - vowels can go over and under the consonants. Also, there is not mandatory spacing between words, you can run it all together if you like.
*School uniforms everywhere - they vary in color and style, and often there is a "sport" day where the girls can wear track pants rather than a skirt.

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