Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Elusive Kanoon

Today we flew from Bangkok to Trang to start our program with CCS.   We flew on Nok Air (we fly smiles) the plane with the beak on the front.   The Trang airport is very small...there's one flight a day and that's it.   We were picked up by Cha and Jack and taken to our home for the next few weeks.  The house is great and there are 8 volunteers currently.  Even better the fridge is stocked with pomelos (my new fave fruit) and there's ice cream in the freezer.  Every Thai guidebook that exists is on the bookshelf in triplicate.   It's like each volunteer brought the same book and left it at the end of their trip.   

So as a "Welcome to Trang" activity, they gave us a list of tasks, money for a tuk tuk, and dropped us off in the middle of town.    One of the tasks was to find a kanoon, or jack fruit.   We searched high and low and in every food stall we found to no avail.  Many other crazy fruits, and found a pet shop selling squirrels, but "mai kanoon".  

Look for a jack fruit coming soon to a King Soopers near you!


  1. Did your luggage ever arrive from LA?

  2. Yes - it arrived as promised at 3 in the morning on Friday and the bellmen brought it up...I was never so excited to see my clothes!



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