Sunday, February 1, 2009

Practical Procrastination?

I'm getting there. Almost everything that is going in the general vicinity of Thailand is in my bedroom. Along with many things that don't need to go, including, likely, items already in my suitcase. I will do some additional pruning tomorrow afternoon. I'm only taking 1 big suitcase plus my carry on. On the off chance that I buy wood carvings or ornamental umbrellas, I'll buy a bag to bring it home in. On the little hopper flight, Nok Air, economy passengers can have 1 15kg bag, which is about 33lbs. I'm trying to make that my motivation to keep it light (and the fact that it's 90 degrees where I'm going). But I can deceive myself, because each additional kg only costs 50 THB, which is a little over a dollar. I will be irritated if I bring home anything that I didn't wear after being gone for a month!

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