Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saibaidee Tao (Happy Feet)

Last night, my feet were the happiest they've ever been. The 1 hour, 150 baht ($5), foot massage at the hot springs was incredible. I've never had someone poke at my foot with a wooden stick and have it feel so good.

Our cultural activity today was Thai Dancing. Thankfully the dance students at the school didn't laugh at me too much, even though my hands aren't designed for the movements.

I've now been in Thailand a week. I love it more each day.


  1. VERY VERY cool. Were your feet ticklish? I can't wait for you to teach me your awesome new dance moves. Maybe at Summerfest if we can find a Thai band.

  2. The cultural differences never seem to amaze me! I can't believe we haven't had the seafood chips in America - sounds like Lay's needs to expand their market! I'm waiting for the phone call when you speak only Thai to me....

  3. We were listening to Thai reggae on the beach on Friday...sat on carpets next to a bonfire drinking "Thai Silk". Living the dream, baby!

  4. Now that is what I call an awesome Valentine's Day. Your photos are awesome.
    Can you take some pictures of your dorm and the school. I'd like to visualize you there--without shoes!

    We will just call you Shoeless Jenni!



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