Saturday, September 1, 2012

Can I Have Some Change?

Today I was getting caught up on reading some of my friend's blogs and Laurie was participating in something called Five Minute Friday.    The goal is to spend 5 minutes each Friday writing on a specific topic provided by the blog host, Lisa-Jo.   Obviously today is Saturday, but since I didn't know this "write up" existed before today, it's going to have to be a make-up, write-up Saturday.

I'm setting the stopwatch on my phone and I will be really interested to see what happens.   I'm leaving to visit a friend in 10 minutes, so I better make these 5 minutes count.


Yesterday I was trying to leave work to start my holiday weekend and was actually counting change at 5pm.    I just transferred to a new office (with the same company) as of this past Monday.  Another change.    It was a great week.   I know both of my new office mates and they did a bang up job of decorating my new office so I felt welcome.    One of the cool thing was taking pictures off my facebook page and using them to create signs.     One said "Welcome to the Coolest Place on Planet Earth."   The best one was me holding a bumper sticker that said "I (heart) Tanzania."   They photoshopped the image so that it says "I (heart) JP and DLO."  JP and DLO are my two new partners in crime.     

Monday we were celebrating Purple Monday (for the Colorado Rockies) and my favorite, the Denver Cupcake Truck, came to the office for two hours in the afternoon.   Who doesn't love a cupcake on a Monday?   That was something new.  Change.  Tuesday I went back to my previous property to teach new hire orientation.   Sitting in my old office, but without any of my personality was also a big change.    Wednesday I went out for happy hour with the person who was promoted to take my old job.   She will be changing from working 60+ hours to a more reasonable, work-life balance friendly, 45.    Thursday.  Hmmm.   I don't remember anything.   And yesterday, I spent most of my day dining on the driveway with a taco truck.


There you go.   My first time participating in the Five Minute Friday/Saturday.   Quite a bit of change this week.   And all good. 

To participate in these scribing shenanigans next week visit Lisa-Jo's page here on Friday then write for five minutes on the topic she provides.   Then you can post a link to your post on her page.  Finally show some love to the person who posted before you.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. It was also my first week participating. This is a fun exercise.
    You really have had a lot of change in one short week. I'm happy for you that it was such a good change!

  2. Aw... that was really good! Such an exciting week. Sometimes change isn't bad. Hope you come back to 5MF again next week :)

  3. What a great many days of change! A cupcake truck?! THAT would be awesome! Those food-style trucks have some of the best fast food. EVER! Congratulations on your new job! :)

  4. Even better, the cupcake truck was at my previous office on Friday and I went down to "visit." For now, all the change is still good. Thanks for stopping by!



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