Friday, September 28, 2012

When to Let Go

This week's Five Minute Friday prompt is Grasp.    Something I'm having a hard time with this week.


The word grasp is often used in connection with words like reality. 

Grasping is also holding on too close - implying that the other party would like to be let go.   

Grasping for something feels different from reaching, striving, working, attaining.   It seems like you are going after something that you didn't work for or something that you couldn't achieve.   Grasping at straws.  

This week, I'm learning, sadly, about letting go.   When not to grasp too tight.   

My Chey dog has taken a sharp turn for the worse.   A little over two weeks ago we would go for 30 minute walks / jogs.   She chased tennis balls.  She played with the neighbor kids.     Now she can barely walk across the room or go out to the front yard.    Now she rests all day and I try to tempt her with peanut butter or homemade chicken soup.   

I'm thinking tonight I will try to entice her with a Pawbender from Goodtimes.    It's frozen custard with peanut butter drizzle.   She loves them.    I hope I'm not grasping at straws that she'll love it today.  

She's my first pet as an adult, where I am the one who has to make the decisions.   It's very, very hard. 


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  1. Hi ..stopping by from FMF and your visit earlier. We had to let go of our family pet a few weeks ago. I was surprised how difficult it was. I pray for your strength to let go.



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