Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunny with a Chance of Focus

If I'm going to participate in Five Minute Friday this morning, it's going to have to be now.  As in early.   As in it's still dark outside, the weather is cool, the dog has been walked, and I'm enjoying a little me time with coffee and a breakfast cookie.  

Today's word is Focus.


I just looked at the word 30 seconds ago.  I've had no time to think or plan or determine what direction this 5 minute thing will go.   It's funny how we determine how to focus.   And what to focus on.   Sometimes it has to do with our hobbies, likes, dislikes and priorities.

I'm more focused on picking shore excursions for my vacation in November than cleaning my desk here at home.    Hmmm.  Ziplining through the rain forest or putting things away.   Big shock.

At work, focus is much different.   The nature of my job is people first.  The person in front of me is the person who gets my undivided attention.   Other projects can wait (and this is a good thing, because reconciling a spreadsheet may be a necessary evil, but it sure isn't number 1 on my Friday Fun Countdown).  

(I look at the clock and I'm four minutes in.   Obviously not having focus is hindering my ability to write something profound or entertaining.)

The real question for me is how to shift my focus from the things that are fun and that I enjoy to other things that may need my attention.     That's where entertaining personal finance blogs come in, I guess.  Thinking about budgeting or planning isn't fun when you say it aloud, but when someone puts a different spin on it, one that resonates with you, then it makes it easier to focus. 


Well now, my focus-mobile is up and ready for a great weekend.   Work then a rehearsal dinner tonight.  Fancy hair followed by some coffee tomorrow morning and then a wedding between two awesome friends in the afternoon.     Sunday even has some heavy scheduling, including facilitating a discussion at church, an 80 minute massage (!!!),  and the youth group kick off.    I won't have much time to focus on much else than a whole lot of happy.   


To participate in these scribing shenanigans either today or next week visit Lisa-Jo's page here on Friday then write for five minutes on the topic she provides. Then you can post a link to your post on her page. Finally show some love to the person who posted before you.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes...the needs to dos on my list are so much harder than the want to dos. That's why my house looks the way it does. Thanks for helping me feel a bit more normal :)

  2. Hope your weekend will be filled with blessings.



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