Friday, September 7, 2012

Zumba = Grace? Not Really

Happy Friday!

Last week's topic for Five Minute Friday was change - and there was a lot for me last week.   Today I should call it Food Truck Friday.   Last Friday at my office we had the taco truck and an ice cream truck for our employees.    Today my friend and I skipped down the street to our sister property (where I worked until 2 weeks ago) to enjoy their Food Truck Frenzy party on their loading dock.   Four great trucks - of course, the Denver Cupcake Truck is dear to my heart and the special flavor today was maple bacon.   I had buffalo chicken pizza from Basic Kneads,  garlic fries from the Blue Bear Truck and a pulled beef taco from Verde.  

Today's topic for the five minute stream of consciousness writing is: Graceful.  


When I see the word graceful, the first thing that I think is "I'm not."  Other people look smooth and suave when doing things.  Skiing.   Wearing heels.   You get the picture.

Earlier this week I went to Zumba.   I love Zumba because the music is loud and an hour goes by quickly.   Of course coming from a family of flat butts means when you shake what your mama gave you  there isn't much to shake.    We danced to a particular song where a couple girls were shaking like crazy and there I am with my little hip shakes.   Having a good time, but not looking nearly as smooth.  

Going back to college, our friends from the middle east tried to teach us to belly dance.   Even then I wasn't sure how they danced so gracefully.   Even with a towel tied around their hips instead of a fancy skirt or scarf.   I can still see us up in the dorm rooms, or in the great hall at LAR acting crazy and not caring what others thought.  

Nothing else really comes to mind.   I'm not sure why I associate graceful with dancing.  I'm sure there's more than that.   You know what else makes me feel ungraceful?   The lack of big-footed shoes.  


There you go. My first second time participating in the Five Minute Friday.  

To participate in these scribing shenanigans next week visit Lisa-Jo's page here on Friday then write for five minutes on the topic she provides. Then you can post a link to your post on her page. Finally show some love to the person who posted before you.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you are participating in FMF! I've only been at it a few weeks myself but really look forward to it :)

    I also think of dancing when I hear the word graceful. It is literally the 1st thing that comes to mind. I've been tying to work up the guts to attend a Zumba class myself. How long have you been going? Does it get easier to follow/keep up as you go?

  2. I've been going for the past year and a half. I don't make it every week and this past summer I've been a big slacker.

    One of my instructors just reminds us that you can merengue march in place if you don't know what to do. Another one says that if you're shaking, smiling and sweating you're doing it right.

    It does get easier as you go, especially if you go to classes with the same instructors because you'll do the same songs more than once.

    You'll get that moment of satisfaction (grace if you will) where you know what to do...and there is someone new in class who is now watching you :)



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