Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free HR Advice: Caller ID Works Both Ways

Caller ID is a great thing.  No longer do teenage girls pick up their phone, thinking it is their boyfriend and get their mom instead.   No longer do telemarketers interrupt the unsuspecting at dinner time. 
Use this power for good in your job search.   And realize that recruiters use it too.  

We've already stressed the importance of listening to your voice mail.   If you get a call from an unknown number that could belong to your future employer, decide whether you are ready to talk now, or if it would be better to wait.   If you are at Chucky Cheese with your screaming nephews, wait.   If you are checking out at the grocery store, wait.  If you are at your current job and on the clock, wait.

When you answer a call from an unknown number it is your chance to use the manners your parents instilled in you.   Say something something polite.   Turn down background music.   And, at least in my case, don't talk so fast!

The biggest caller ID faux pas is to call back an unknown number and say, "Uh, this is ______ ...I got a call from this number." Especially if they left a message.

This may be a little known fact, but employers too have caller ID.    So if you keep calling and calling,  we know it's you.  And your stalker ways are annoying.   And we might not call back.

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