Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Year Ago Today: Arusha, Tanzania

I've written about my love of travel journaling before.  My journal helps me remember my trips in much more depth than just a photo album or a vague recollection that "I was in Africa last year."   

For instance, the quote that was on the delicious pizza snack on our KLM flight from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro, "The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live." -Flora Whitemore-

March 6 was my first full day in Africa....this time.   I've been blessed in enjoying three trips to Africa.  Each one different.  Each one amazing.  Each one changing my view. 

A few pictures from day 1....

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Our visit to Amka Afrika school.   We were the first group of tourists to visit this school that was built by our guides at Bushdrifters, to provide education in an under served area in Babati.   It's amazing what has happened in a year's time:  a non-profit has been created, a container ship of donated school supplies has (finally) arrived, our family friend Ann has spent months there helping to work with the teachers...and to be a part of the community.     In the last week or so, a second tour group had a chance to visit Amka.   It probably looks like a whole new school!    To learn more please visit www.amkaafrika.org.  

Our fabulous accommodations at Gibb's Farm

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