Monday, March 26, 2012

Memory Lane: New Orleans Mission Trip

This past Sunday at church, the minute for mission was about One Great Hour of Sharing.  One of the organizations that this special offering, held at Easter-time, supports is Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.    That immediately brought to mind a mission trip that our young adults group went on in March 2008 (back when we still were young there are younger adults, and we have a new name).  Two and a half years after Hurricane Katrina, and there was still a need for relief volunteers.    I think this trip was the first time that I had done national disaster relief.    This summer, when I go to Joplin, MO on the high school mission trip, will probably be my second time.    That trip was the first and only time I've been to Louisiana. 

I pulled out my travel journal from this trip.   I don't know that I've looked at it in the four years since I went on this trip.  I didn't write as much as I sometime do.  I'm going to blame it on the heat, humidity and manual labor.   Some of the memories:
  •   Sleeping in pods
  •   Houses marked with an X
  •   Girl scouts bringing us cookies in the volunteer village
  •   Meeting a volunteer named Seth who also grew up in Janesville, WI!
  •   Moving 40 donated doctor's exam tables
  •   Drinking "slurpees" in the French Quarter
  •   Dinner at the ACME Oyster House
  •   Coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde
  •   Being a "blue shirt"
  •   Learning that gumbo represents 7 different cultures
  •   Going on a disaster tour
  •   Wielding a crow bar like I was on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  •   Stuffed sweet potato french toast (if only I had the recipe!!!)
To learn about One Great Hour of Sharing, check out this video

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