Monday, March 5, 2012

Keystone Weekend

There are lots of reasons to live in Colorado.  The mountains, unsurprisingly, top that list for most people.  Another favorite reason include the active lifestyle.   Personally, I'm also a big fan of DIA.   Even though it feels like you're driving to Kansas when you go to the airport, you can fly non-stop to almost anywhere in the US. 

This past weekend our Mom and a friend came out for a weekend of fun at altitude.  Added bonus?  Didn't have to have the house "company clean." We met them at the airport, battled a little Friday evening traffic and headed west.   We like each other's company on a normal day, but it's also fun because we are all excited about out upcoming trip to Greece.

First stop was dinner in Idaho Springs at BeauJo's Pizza, home of Colorado Style pizza.  We share the honey cheese bread along with two small pizzas.   The signature BJ crust is thick and they give you honey for dipping.  On arrival at our hotel in Silverthorne, we proceeded directly to the hot tub.  Hot give are a staple of any Colorado mountain adventure.

I love Keystone.  It could be the free parking, the proximity to Denver, or the wide open runs.   In any case it was our resort of choice for Saturday adventures.  Mom only skis once a year, so we take it easy and have a good time.   The non-skiers opted for a "black diamond" snow shoe experience.   We all met up in the afternoon for $3 Irish Coffees at Inxpot in the River Run Village, and then took the gondola up to the summit for some pictures before heading back to the hotel for hot tub o'clock. 

The evening wrapped up at Red Mountain Grill....possibly home to the coolest light fixtures to grace your typical bar and grill.   Sunday mornings often have a slow start and this was no exception.  Breakfast, packing and then they dropped me at Keystone for more downhill before heading to the Nordic Center for some cross-country action.   Early afternoon while I'm enjoying Irish Coffee, again, I get a text that they have fallen off the map and are working their way back.   They say that the journey is the destination....

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