Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life in the Fly Over States

I love country music.  I am not ashamed.   I enjoy the upbeat songs about life.   I don't know that I'm living the country music lifestyle (small towns, bonfires and fishing) any more than I'm living the R&B lifestyle (pimpin' all over the world and makin' it rain), but I certainly relate better and I don't have to worry about downloading the "clean" version.

A recent song by Jason Aldean, "Fly Over States," got me thinking.   I've spent most of my life living in places that people fly over, or drive through, on their way to someplace else.   Even Colorado, which I love and consider the best place to live, and has a lot to offer, is still middle America.  Fly over on your way east or west.  Look at the mountains through your plane window en route to Boston or San Francisco.   Long haul truckers and road trippers alike drive through on I-70.

I've lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado.  All have something to offer.  All have unique features, activities and food.   I guess all of them could be considered fly over states.  Maybe I have more in common with the country music lifestyle than I thought.   

What's your favorite fly over state?

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