Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Passport Day in the USA

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If I was going to create my own Hallmark Holiday, this would be it.   You know how you stroll through the greeting card section and you see cards for random occasions where you wouldn't think to buy a card?   I think we add Passport Day to that list.  If I knew a friend who was getting their passport for the first time, I would certainly get them a card.   Or a guidebook to their first international destination.    I was reading on Everything Everywhere How Amy Got Her Passport and learned that today was Passport Day in the USA.    My first thought was to take a picture with my passport to celebrate.   My sister's first thought was "OMG we're leaving the country in less than a month, Where is my passport?"   I also learned about the Passport Party Project.    That's my kind of party.   The PPP is going around the country giving under served girls ages 11-15 their first US passport.     The party will even come to Denver this summer on June 13.   Awesome.

All I can say on this sunny Saturday is "Yay Travel!"    

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