Sunday, April 1, 2012

You'll Never Look at the Easter Story the Same Again

Nine months ago I was in Israel with a small group from my church.   Before we even left (back when we were eating Garbanzo's in our pastor's backyard), John mentioned that after going to Israel you will never look at the Christmas and Easter stories the same.   I thought about that this morning while at church for Palm Sunday.

The Palm Sunday scripture about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey while children yelled and waved palm fronds is no longer just something in a book or a painting.   I've walked down that path.

There are many things that make your faith real.   Service.  Singing.  Reading.  Friendships.  Miracles.  Visiting Israel was one of those experiences for me.

Feel free to read through any of the following posts to see what Israel is like through the eyes of a Christian.    If you haven't made your own pilgrimage, I hope you get the opportunity.

Wellshire Pilgrimage to Israel
June 23-24: Denver to Galilee
June 25: In and Around Galilee
June 26: Cana, Nazareth, and the River Jordan
June 27: Galilee to Jericho
June 28: Jericho, Dead Sea and Bethlehem
June 29: Following the Palm Sunday Path
June 29: Ancient Stairs and the Upper Room
June 30: The Wall & The Rock
July 1: Holy Sepulchre and the Return to Palestine

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