Friday, March 25, 2011

Project 365 - March Catchup

With vacation and vacation recovery I've been slacking on posting my 365 pictures, though I've been taking them.  With numerous posts and pictures about Tanzania, consider those my representation of March 6 - 13 and I'll catch you up on the rest!

March 4 - "Vacation in a Cup" at Caribou

March 5 - Delicious apple tart in the Amsterdam airport

March 14 - Water with ice(!) and pizza in the Minneapolis airport

March 15 - Post vacation read on Tuesday while recovering from jet lag - great book

March 16 - Return to work weather

March 17 - Love Susan Wiggs!

March 18 - St. Patrick's Donut Holes

March 19 - Thin Mint @ Liks

March 20 - Yes, it's about time that I own a Sangria set

March 21 - Friend models her pre-birthday Israel peacock feather earrings

March 22 - Blue Bear in Spring

March 23 - Buffalo Mac and Cheese from Target

March 24 - Rare rain clouds in Denver

March 25 - Art Institute student treats

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