Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kirurumu Tented Lodge

On Friday March 11 we left the Serengeti behind and retraced our steps through the park, the plains and the rim of Ngorongoro Crater and all the way back in to Karatu Town.   On the way we went really off-roading to this giant sand dune in an area called Shifting Sands.   Then we went to the "Cradle of Mankind", Oldupai.  Then on to the Kirurumu Tented Lodge.  The lodge is 6km in on bumpy dirt roads and you wonder where you are going.  Many of the children who live on the road will come running when they hear the jeeps, both to say hi and hoping that you will throw them candy.   

Think very nice platform tents with indoor plumbing.  We were not roughing it in any way.   The lodge is small, only 22 tents.  All the meals are served al fresco in a pavillion.  The food here was also really good...there I was taking pictures of my food, again.  The bar had a great deck overlooking Lake Manyara.  We were there at the end of the dry season, but you can tell how big the lake will get once the rains come. 

Shifting Sands

Maasai Beadwork at Oldupai

Our "tent"

The bar - where we had a chance to try Konyagi, the local liquor

View of Lake Manyara from the bar

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