Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gibb's Farm

View of the farm from our cottage

One of the best places that we stayed in Tanzania was called Gibb's Farm.   You turn off the main road in Karatu and go uphill on a gravel/dirt road.   Why did I love Gibb's Farm?  It is beautiful.  It is relaxing.  The staff helped me learn more words in Swahili.  The food.   Yes I love food, there is no doubt.   The farm grows most of their own vegetables and herbs, makes their own cheese and roasts their own coffee.  Flowers are beautiful and the views are spectacular. 

It's all about the food presentation

Random highlights: 
*On our drive from Arusha to Gibb's farm, we passed a large Maasai encampment.  The chief has 25 wives and so many children he has his own primary school.

*Mother daughter muffin baking for Mom and I followed by mother-daughter Maasai healing treatments for Mom and Heather.

*Bush babies are wild animals and may or may not come, even if there is a designated bush baby feeding time. 

*Gardeners chasing baboons out of the vegetable garden.

*The Swahili phrase for 'sunny side up' (when referring to eggs) translates as 'cows eyes'.  How do you say it?  Something like 'machoya ngombo.'   Something I found challenging about Swahili in general was words starting with ng or mb.

*The nature walk/hike in the mud.  I was worried when we started out - but with walking sticks, a sense of humor and the unexpected bonus of getting to visit the Maasai healers in their homes, all was well.  I was also christened 'baby gazelle.'  In the scheme of potential nick names, not too bad. 

*Outdoor showers! There is something particularly enjoyable and almost decadent about an outdoor shower in a private garden at your cottage.


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