Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Road Food: New Mexico

I am rediscovering the joys of road trips.   I used to take them all the time....until I started leaving the country.  The road trip, in my opinion, is an "American Thing."  We have a lot of roads.   It takes a while to get wherever you're going.  We don't have high-speed rail.  This past weekend my sister and I ventured to the Hyatt Regency Tamaya which is a beautiful resort between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.   In honor of this road trip, we rented a car, 'The Eggplant' (aka a 2010 Cadillac CTS...this is not your grandma's Cadillac).   As always, food plays a big part in travel. 

The big surprise?  Colorado City, Colorado.   Just by luck, this ended up being our dinner stop on the way down and the way up.  There's not too much there, but we found options that saved us from eating at chain restaurants.    On the way down, we ate at Max's.   Our primary motivation?  The sign said dairy treats. The food was good, we both had breakfast for dinner, and our total check, including tip was about $13.   And I had the privilege of reading How to Share a Bad Attitude while I was waiting for my food. 
On the way back, we stopped at another Urban Spoon find called Viktorio's.  It's definitely the all purpose local bar and family restaurant.  But the food was delicious.   The garlic knots were all kinds of soft doughy, buttery, garlicky goodness.  Followed by a calzone so big that I took over half of it home.  

In scenic Bernalillo, NM we couldn't resist stopping at Bad Ass Coffee.  The staff was fun and they had a big drink menu.  The sign outside the door said "Bad Ass Coffee and a Massage"...a great start to the day.
We also dined at the Flying Star which had two awesome things.  1 - a "Petio" a fenced area for dogs to play next to the patio.  2- amazing made from scratch desserts.   Travel and dessert.  A match made in heaven.
For dinner I had the enchilada stack with "Christmas" chile (both red and green...it is New Mexico after all).  The eclair, I saved for breakfast and documented the view from our balcony.   Hooray for road food!

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