Friday, June 3, 2011

Land of Enchantment

Four days afterwards and I still don't feel recovered from last weekend's adventure to New Mexico.  The last time I was there was 2006, which considering it's the state right next door (to the south, if you're geographically challenged) is pretty pathetic.   Taking advantage of one of the best employee benefits, we were staying at a beautiful resort.  For free.  Deciding that my car did not need 1000 miles added to it, I rented a car.   They hooked us up.  With an eggplant colored Cadillac.  Sweet. This lead to many Thelma and Louise comparisons.  We, however, (spoiler alert) did not drive off a cliff.  We did, however, make new friends.  Leather interior, fuel economy, satellite radio, we were good to go.  We left after work on Friday, so we didn't actually get to the hotel until almost 2am.   Only my sister and I would program one of the six stations to "On Broadway."  This was balanced with 80s, 90s, country and top 20 for an endless musical rotation that included singing along with Warren G's "Regulate" followed by "One Day More" from Les Miserables.  

We had no agenda.  We knew we would hit the pool, eat ice cream and go to Santa Fe.  That was it.   We came back with a trunk of groceries from Trader Joe's, suntans, and new friends. 

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