Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project 365 - May 27-June 6

The good news is that I have been documenting each day with a photo.   For instance, today I held an inflatable crocodile over my head.   The quick catch up....

May 27-30 - New Mexico, I've got pictures in my posts Road Food: New Mexico and Land of Enchantment.

May 31 - Present from friend returning from London
June 1 - Dill and Fig infused vodka at Red Square prior to seeing Billy Elliot at the DCPA

June 2 - Lilacs by the gym   June 3 - Wine at the end of a long week
June 4 - Marshmallow Kabobs....Mom would be appalled at that much pure sugar
June 5 - Advertising at Good Times.  Since I've seen how crazy baboons can be it was especially funny.
June 6 - New colors in the house

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