Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Traveler Goes to Cooking School: Kitchen Table Cooking School

Because going to one cooking class is never enough, I opted to register for a class on German and Austrian pastry at the Kitchen Table Cooking School in Greenwood Village.  A great feature of this school?  You can buy and drink wine while you cook.   The chef and her assistant gave a lot of great tips in regards to baking, including things I'm sure I learned in school but have selectively forgot (keeping all ingredients at room temperature, adding flour last to avoid gluten development, etc).  And we used a lot of real butter.   I liked learning to make the Linzer Torte for many reasons, not limited to my love of raspberry and almonds.  Baby tart pans and fancy crust rollers...I may have to get some.  For the apple strudel we used phyllo dough, which I haven't used before.  Lessons learned: keep covered with a damp towel until ready to use.  There is also something very enjoyable about having ingredients  
pre-measured and the magic cleaning fairies come after you to take your used dishes, mixing bowls, etc.  I enjoyed both my cooking school experiences in the past two week and hope to add a few more.   I am sad that the "Ice Cream for Adults" (read: booze) class with Aurora Recreation is while I'm on vacation. 
Torte and Strudel before going into the oven

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