Monday, May 9, 2011

Project 365 - May 1-9

May 1 - Had a coupon that "needed" to be used at Gigi's cupcakes...this is the margarita cupcake
 May 2 - A book that could be written for me...and I wrote my own post about it.
May 3 - You can't tell from this picture but this is one of the biggest and heaviest cookbooks I've ever seen, but the pictures are great (and Thai street food, by nature, is amazing)
 May 4 - I strongly believe that 4:44 only happens once a day...this was an anomaly
May 5 - I spent the morning shadowing in the main kitchen.  I got to frost cupcakes and learned that you fill cupcakes after baking, not before (to save it from sinking to the bottom)
May 6 - Fun sign
May 7 - Opening day for the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market.   I love snacking my way through.   This was a chile cheese pupusa from Tres Pupusas.  We also got a tasty bottle of Pinot Noir from Blue Mountain Vineyards.    And Mom got a jar of Mandi's Jalapeno Relish which my sister documented in her blog

May 7 - After the market we took advantage of free day at The Cell and saw this exhibit about terrorism.  It was very well done.    This was followed by "grouponing" at Katie Mullen's Irish Pub followed by Amore Gelato.
May 8 - Blooming roses
May 9 - A co-worker gave me special Dutch candies that are only made in a certain part of the Netherlands.

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