Friday, May 6, 2011

Things Our Trainer Says

My level of sarcasm at least triples the minute I walk into the gym where my sister and work out with our trainer.   You ask yourself constantly "Why I am I paying someone to kick my ass?"  Probably because with free will you would never voluntarily run the stairs or push a weight bench across the gym.  I would spend most of my time thinking a brisk walk with the dog constituted fitness.  So, as much as I complain I have for the most part been commited to regular exercise since last October.  My real struggle is the second part of healthy living: streamlining the diet.   Hence begins a list of advice and motivation our trainer passes on to us.

This week it was this gem:  Next time you go to the vet you better have them take a look at that pair of sick pythons!  (Sweet....I finally have arm muscles)

Other classics that could be made into t-shirts:
Let's Gogo
Serious Calorie Burn
Chiseling the V
Ice cream - where fitness goals go to die
3 minutes or until fatigue...whichever comes first

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