Monday, July 30, 2012

A Little Link Love

I'm constantly reading a lot of interesting articles and blogs and then I fail.

Fail to share them.  

My mind (followed by my body) is constantly racing from one thing to the next - this past week it was Vacation Bible School.   I couldn't get there early enough to be a shopkeeper or a tribe leader in Marketplace 29 A.D.  But I could be on the drama team.   We had the most fun for an hour and a half each night considering our actual dramas were approximately 2.1 minutes long and we performed twice per night.     Let me tell you, that I play the dead daughter so well that the kids were worried there was something wrong.   I'm glad that Jesus was there to bring me back to life!

I don't know that I can keep track of things well enough to provide a link list on a regular basis, but this is what I've enjoyed in the past week or so.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff - Life is too short to spend time ironing sheets
I feel that life is too short to iron in general.  I have a hand me down iron and a mini ironing board.   I might iron a pair of cotton capris or skirt before a vacation, but that's about it.    I surely won't iron my sheets.  I barely fold them.   The key thing is to identify the things that just aren't worth your time/money.   For each person it's different.   A couple things on my life is too short list? 
Life is too short to spend time learning to change my oil (that's what the mechanic two blocks from my house is for).   Life is too short to pay for cable and then to sit at home watching it.    Life is too short to say, "I'll go to _________ someday."

Everything Everywhere - Random Thoughts from a World Traveler about the Olympics 
I don't pay for cable (see above) and rarely watch TV.  The Olympics are the exception.  I love the stories more than the sport and the international camaraderie and competition appeals to the traveler inside. - Year of the Woman:  For the first time all Olympic teams include female athletes
Hooray!  Even if they are eligible under the Universality clause and not because they qualified - all countries have at least one woman on their team.  In 2008 Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei did not have any women on their team.   Now they do.   It's a step in the right direction.   Sport is one of the things that unites people.

Cordelia Calls it Quits - The Quits List
This blog is hilarious.   The quits list includes the things that Cordelia, and her readers, are giving up.  It's not what you think.  It's not the standard "I will quit ordering mocha coconut Frappucinos" or "I will quit loafing on the couch and get my ass to the gym."

Try to quit "Feeling Embarrassed by my Guilty Pleasures" for a start.

Have a great week!

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  1. Thank you so much for the link love! That was one of the funnest Quits to write. :)



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