Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eavesdropping: Haunted Hotels, Poltergeists and Why We Leave Our Camper at Home

I'm a big fan of public transportation here in Denver.   Especially the light rail.  My job subsidizes the cost of my pass and I save money on gas, wear and tear on my car and this summer AC (I need to get it recharged and I don't really want to pay for it....and even if I had it would eat up any remaining fuel efficiency my 99 SUV has).

Sometimes I tune out the masses with my ipod or Pandora (love my island country station), but today I just listened.   And the conversations go a little something like this...

Haunted Hotels
There are haunted rooms at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.  Lady A says how her son was assigned on of those rooms.while traveling on a business incentive trip and couldn't sleep.  He asked to be relocated to another room.  Man B thinks a haunted room would be awesome and his daughter would love it.

Naturally haunted hotels lead to other ghost stories.  Lady C had a poltergeist in her family that would do crazy things like...turn a bag sitting on a chair upside-down.

Then the conversation took a supernatural shift in another direction.  Introducing: Lady D.   Her friends asked about her camper.  It's summer.  Is she using it every weekend?  Not exactly.  She was going to Nebraska and they found a cabin on the lake for only $50 a night.  So they left their camper in the driveway.  It weighs 4000lbs so it takes a lot of gas to haul it around.    They only use it for trips close to home. 

How can you see the stars, explore America and have priceless family moments if you leave your camper in the driveway? 

That, my friends, is what I learned on my way to work today. 

Side Note:  As a kid we'd go camping in Wisconsin at least once every summer.   We'd wrestle with our giant tent with heavy metal poles that didn't fit in the bag the way they were supposed to.  I had camper envy.   The little girl three sites over who had a bathroom inside with no spiders and could watch a movie -- I looked on with envy as I walked with my flashlight to the latrine at night. 

As an adult, I prefer lodges, cabins, safari camps, and hotels with infinity pools.  
I love being outside. 
I don't love sleeping on the ground. 
Even with one of those little mat thingies underneath. 
What I do love about camping?  S'mores.  


  1. This post made me laugh this morning, and then I thought to myself - oh my what if someone posted one of my ridiculous conversations on their blog. :)

    I promise, if I buy a camper I will not leave it at home.

  2. If I made you laugh, then my work here is complete. I feel that for most people, campers just sit in their driveway or in storeage. To actually be the person who can travel for months in it - I salute them!



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