Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Joplin Mission Series

My blogging for mission trip was different this year.   Rather than waiting until I got home and reading through my journal and picking select photos, I blogged by phone on the bus to the work site each morning (and at lights out each night I was way too exhausted after a day of fun in the sun).    It was a great way to let people at home know what was going on, at least at my work site of awesome, during mission week.

If you missed any of the Joplin posts - they are all here for your reading pleasure.   The video was made by the TeamEffort staff during our work week and they did a great job.   It's fun seeing the pictures of the projects we worked on continuing through the Joplin FB page! 

Learning to Love Service
Joplin:  Home Sweet Home
Joplin:  Blown Away by Jesus
Joplin:  Holes
Joplin:  Being a Blessing
Joplin:  Less Baggage, More Joy

(and a special tribute to our daily ice cream stop Braum's)

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