Friday, July 27, 2012

Going Back Again: Lake Tahoe

Back when I was a wee traveler, just out of college and ready to start my grown up career, I moved to the north shore of Lake Tahoe.   I was adamant that I wanted to live west of the Mississippi - someplace with more interesting geography than central Illinois.

{Pause:  Thinking about central Illinois, I start singing the Morrow Plots Song  "No sir we don't mess around, our library's underground, 'cause you can't throw shade on the corn."  This is what happens when the oldest experimental cornfield in the Western Hemisphere is on your college campus.    Just sayin'.}

I lived in Tahoe for two years - enjoying the sunsets over the lake from work and road tripping all over California.  I lived where other people vacationed.     

When I was tired of living in a small resort community, I transferred to Indianapolis.   People asked me if I got demoted.   Nope.   Just wanted to be able to afford an apartment on my own instead of sharing with three other roommates.  (I know, right?)

This summer I finally went back.  Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Why it took me ten years to return, I don't know.   I didn't have an agenda, just enjoying the scenery and some of my favorite restaurants (Jake's on the Lake and Lone Eagle Grille) and activities (a drive around the lake and a sail on the Sierra Cloud).

I slept in.   I loafed by the pool, the lake and in the hammocks.   I caught the sunsets.  Roasted s'mores by the fire pit. 

Who says you can't go back again?


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