Friday, August 3, 2012

An Ode to Denver Sky Ride

I appreciate public transportation more and more each year.  I would rather read, Facebook, blog, eavesdrop, plan my next vacation, listen to music, question peoples' fashion choices or gaze vacantly into space than pay attention on I 25.   Five years of commuting via light rail has saved me big bucks on gas and extended the life of my car.

If I'm flying out for a weekend I usually leave from work.  Cheaper than a taxi or a shuttle and less hassle than driving?  RTD Sky Ride.  A whopping $11 from Market St Station ($7 for me since I have a monthly pass) and I can sit on a comfortable air conditioned coach and tune out.   An hour later, after waving to the iconic demon horse statue, I'm at departures.

Today I'm taking a page from the rest of the world and creating a parody of "Call Me Maybe."

I just left work
and I'm too lazy
To drive myself so
Sky Ride baby....

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