Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who Knew? The Unknown World of Personal Finance

In the past month I have discovered some great personal finance blogs.   Humor, practical advice, true stories (and more humor) make what I would normally consider a dry painful topic something that I actually enjoy reading.  I'm learning something new every day.   Maybe I'll start to make better decisions.
This week in my personal finance?   I emptied the change bowl of all foreign currency.    After taking out the South African Rands, Mexican Pesos, Euros, Swiss Francs, Peruvian Soles and Guatemalan Centavos, there was about $1.50 in pennies.   There you go.

Small victories this week:
  • Calling the bank to get a fee removed from my checking account
  • Taking advantage of Chick-fil-a's free breakfast promotion
  • Ice cream happy hour with the still get the hour or so of chat, but for the price of an ice cream cone
And some fun posts from that formerly unknown world of personal finance...

Budgets are Sexy - Don't be ASS-pirational    Aspirational spending - spending like the lifestyle you wish to enjoy instead of your actual one

Thousandaire - My Definition of Rich   Rich enough to provide miracles....kind of like Bill and Melinda Gates (mentioned above in the post about aspirational spending)

Yes I Am Cheap - Don't Have Kids if You Can't Afford Them  $14,000+ per year to raise a child not including college and inflation...ouch

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