Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 365: Where Did September Go?

I'm going through all my pictures and wondering how quickly the month of September flew by.  Tomorrow is the beginning of October (and the 10 Day Give) and I'm not ready! 

September 1 - Treats accumulate at the office

September 2 - Mom and I go to dinner at Crepes and Crepes - love ending my meal with a strawberry nutella crepe and a cappuccino

September 3 - Gigi's Cupcakes and the Paris Street Market in Littleton before visiting the Columbine Memorial and then going to see the Help

September 4 - I made the amazing White Chocolate Blondies

September 5 - Labor Day Brunch (above and below) at Paris on the Platte

September 6 - No crying while reading this Nicholas Sparks novel (really!)

(time passes)

September 13 - a new fashion line causes the Target site to crash
September 15 - My prize at staff meeting

September 17 - Three new restaurants (click here)

September 19 - My sister has started using dry erase boards at work and home to "erase boardom"

September 20 - Uptown Sampler

September 22 - Beer themed dinner party (why I made the Guinness cupcakes)

September 23 - Cooking School

September 24 - Canon City (pictures to come....just not yet)

September 29 - new table in my office

September 30 - Kosmic Karma pizza at Mellow Mushroom

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