Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Denver Uptown Sampler 2011

This is the third Denver dine-around that I've done in the six years I've lived here.   I've dined my way through the Feast on the Fax and the Tasty Colfax.   Last week I added the Uptown Sampler to my list.   It was a beautiful night to stroll along the 17th Avenue visiting a lot of restaurants, which were mostly all new to me.   There were 19 venues, and we made it to 17, though we were no longer hungry by stop 14.   One of my favorite stops was "Eze Mop" which isn't actually a restaurant, but a small collection of shops (in the Eze Mop building).   But they offered gelato and had great gifts in their stores.   Here are a few pics of some of our delicious sampling.    Enjoy!

Sliders and Wings at Tavern Uptown

 I don't remember what they were other than delicious - D Bar Desserts

Ceviche!!! - Limon

 Scallop - Wild Catch

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