Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project 365 - August 1-10

I've been continuing to take photos, but I've been slacking on posting them.   Crazy life is getting in the way.   Hard to believe it's already September.   Sniagrab is going on (major ski sale for you non-Denver folks).  You can renew your ski pass again.    Taste of Colorado is in full swing.   I get Monday off.  And finally (!) the weather has dropped from the upper 90s to low 70s making every activity, from sleeping to running errands, more delightful.

August 1 - The hotel lobby at night.   Not my current hotel, but one where I used to work. 
August 2 - As always, going to Trader Joe's is a special treat reserved for leaving Colorado.
August 3 - Part of the cover of the Career Break Book - I love the idea, but I think I need to have some other ducks in a row before I could up and leave my job to travel the world.   In the meantime, I continue to plan my trips AND keep working.
August 4 - Drawing from a training class I taught.
August 5 - Summer 2011 has been full of a lot of good things, but I've been missing mountain time.  We took some of the youth up to Nederland for an overnight camping trip.   I got a bed in the cabin, the kids slept in the woods, and we all had s'mores.  Sweet.
August 6 - View from the cabin in Nederland
August 7 - Trader Joe's has the best 99 cent greeting cards.  
My sister framed this one for her "wall of inspiration" at work.
August 8 - The cover of a 1970's cookbook that belonged to my Grandma.  It's dated, but the recipes seem pretty easy and enduring.   My first baking effort from this book:  Peanut Butter Dreams.  Click here to read the recipe - and the shoutout to the author, Mable.
August 9 - This year the HOA planted flowers in the flower boxes, they've looked great all summer.
August 10 - This was the day of the spinal tap (not mine).  After making up song titles about spinal taps all morning: "Hit me baby, one more spine" "You are always on my spine" "Bringing spinal back" "One Spine Day" and the actual spinal tap, I took the spinal tap recipient out for ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen at The Crushery.

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