Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pafuri to Pilgrim's Rest

There was an ungodly noise early this morning that everyone heard. It is possible that some animal met its demise. Simon, Godfrey and Johnson play the game, "why don't you tell us what it sounded like....." We went to see the sunrise and Crooks Corner where S.A. Mozambique and Zimbabwe meet. It was wonderful. We saw a pod of hippos and giant elephant tracks. We now play the baobob tree game where (after stopping to see every tree for 2 days) the tree has a title such as "two baobobs at sunrise" or "baobob and elephant track at dawn".... we also saw mud catfish and zebra this morning. Sadly now it is time to leave Pafuri Camp.

Word of the day is Labola which is "bride price"
Billboard of the day: Prevent HIV: Be Faithful or Condomize
Rondavels-round houses with thatched roof
We are driving through a very agricultural area on our way to Pilgrim's rest. Lots of orange trees and many people living in rondavels. The land to build a house in this area is free, the government provides a community water tap and an outhouse building, you are responsible for building your house. In fact we passed a hillside full of outhouses.
We had a late lunch at Graskop Pancakes...both entree style and dessert. We are spending the night at the Pilgrim's Rest Hotel, from the gold rush in the 1800s...very old west style.

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