Monday, June 19, 2006

Preparing to Go Home

The front page story on the paper yesterday was an attempted hijacking of a SAA flight from Cape Town to Jo'burg. We had the morning at leisure. Most were heading out to Green Market Square (where you are always the first customer...). I ventured back to the waterfront. First thing I saw was a whale in the harbor and followed its progress in the fog out to the ocean. I went to the craft market and bought my beaded flowers and some jewelry.

It never fails that the airport delays are at the end of the trip when you're prepared to go. We got our VAT taken care of in Cape Town as advised...all check in was moving at a snails pace and then once through security there were so many delayed flights that you could barely find a place to sit or stand. Once we finally got on the plane, there were 2 people who had checked in who were not there, so they had to delay again as they either found the people or removed their luggage. We had quick turnaround time in Jo'burg, where Mom ran to the duty free with our VAT money as they were boarding the plane.

We left only 5 minutes late for Atlanta. Another long eventful flight where you can't get off at the Isle of Sal and various parts of the plane were sauna like (about 4 rows behind me).
I guess it's time to start working on the next adventure.....I leave for Mexico in less than a month.

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