Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chobe to Jo'Burg

Game Drive 3: lions first thing this morning, the ever present guinea fowl (better than chicken according to Lesh), egyptian geese, more franklins, ground hornbill, giraffes, glassy starling, white backed vulture, warthogs. The lions were near the road, close to our "jeepie", as well as the normal wildlife there were a lot of birds. If someone said, "Jenni, lets travel the world and look at birds" I would say "Can't we just travel the world?"

Random Fact: only giraffes and elephants can eat the fresh green leaves at the top of trees.
Random Fact #2: Game wardens burned the carcass of an elephant that died of anthrax so other animals won't eat it and get sick.

Already we are back in the exciting Livingstone airport. Kelvin met us on the Botswana side and we took our private "yacht" over to the Zambia side where a bazillion trucks are still waiting for the ferry. We took our group photo at the airport. Kelvin told us about the church services. He is Catholic and said they have one English mass with piano and guitar and a traditional mass with drums and marimba.

Security was not particularly tight at the Livingstone airport, and once we were on the other side is was time for some more Mosi and Castle beer.
Almost as much fun as wiping our feet was the fumigation of our plane prior to departing for South Africa. I don't know what it killed but it smells like a bathroom air freshener. The flight attendant said it will kill bugs.

Our hotel in Jo-burg is the Garden Court Hotel. For the first time this trip I turned on the TV and found a show like MTV's road rules, called "Couch Trip: Northern Cape". We ate dinner at the Spur "South Africa's Family Restaurant." It has an Americana western/Indian feel and specializes in chicken and ribs. Our guest speakers were from "Children in the Wilderness" which helps rural children understand the importance of the environment and helps them see other possibilities for their future.

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